Given that the SFI is affiliated with the ruling CPI (M)

The Panchen Lama, selected by Beijing, is a controversial figure among Tibetans. Those living in exile in India and elsewhere are denouncing this month’s ritual as a sham. They see it as an attempt by Beijing to legitimize this Panchen Lama as the government’s proxy and cement its grip on Tibet and its main religion..

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Even so, clear your schedule and plan to get lots of rest. “Your abdomen may be sore for a week or so after surgery,” Hou says. You should be able to go back to work within 10 to 14 days. In contrast, money handed over by mistake and kept by the accused in cases of money exchange houses is considered theft. Objects that are concealed inside other objects and are passed on by mistake give rise to the question of informed will However, in such cases also, theft might not be established, however, a breach of Trust under article 405 of the penal law can be levied. Objects handed over relying on deception form the accused shall be covered by Article 399 under Fraud.

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