Oh, my piglets, we are the origins of war: not history forces,

He said if the country has the Right to Reject as Anna Hazare demands, then these people will not get elected. “During this Dussehra festival, we should not burn the effigies of mythical Ravan (and Meghdhoot and Kumbhakarna). Let us not burn their effigies.

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While homophobia is nothing new in the hallowed halls of most churches, in many ways the Presbyterian Church USA, born out of a liberal Protestant Christian tradition, descending from the branch of the Protestant Reformation begun by John Calvin, replica designer backpacks had been an replica designer bags embarrassment to itself. For more than three decades the PCUSA had been engaging more in holy war than in spiritual discernment over the issue. And after the recent vote to amend the Book of Order to recognize same sex marriage, some Presbyterians are digging their heels even deeper into either the church’s old ways or their own interpretation of God’s opinion on the matter..

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